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Part 4 of the fantasy series, ‘Heart Stone’.


“Food for every belly, jobs for every citizen and a roof over every head. This is what the Republic has brought the citizens of Crystal City. So remember, be thankful!”


Crystal City, a name that conjures an image that sparkles and shines, but now a cloud hangs over this once fair place. The people huddle in street corners, looking for meagre shelter from the almost constant downpours, children hide from gangs of nabbers, and the mysterious voids walk the streets, seemingly oblivious to all that surrounds them.


Katy and Dylan find themselves on a world that could be their own if not for the constant shadow that shrouds it; whilst on the worlds they have left behind, the war for control of the Heart Stones begins.



Part 3 of the fantasy series, ‘Heart Stone’.


As forces on the world of Tarnasus begin to gather against each other, the three sethundra, Artemis, Baccus and Dardanus leave to bring word to the remaining Guardians that they are in danger of coming under attack from the mysterious Brethren.


Meanwhile, Katy and Dylan flee the Academy at Sky Rock, only to find themselves on a new world where they are forced into facing a destiny that neither expected or wanted.

And hidden in the Vale of Glamorgan, the residents of the village of Carreg-y-galon prepare themselves for war.




Part 2 of the fantasy series, Heart Stone.

“By ancient Pact, by oath of fire, I claim entrance to the Academy of Sky Rock.

With the news of the death of his wife, a grief-stricken Paul returns to the Welsh village of Carreg-y-galon, determined to be a proper father, and to settle down and build a home for his children, Katy and Dylan. But he does not receive the welcome he’d been expecting. He finds that his in-laws’ home has been attacked, Bryn talks of magi, Guardians and Heart Stones and worst of all, Katy and Dylan have vanished.

And then he meets the sethundra.




"Have you ever caught a movement out of the corner of your eye, but when you looked, there was nothing there?"


Grandad’s stories were the best, far better than anything Dylan had ever seen written down in a book. But when one evening Grandad tells him about the mysterious sethundra both Dylan and his older sister Katy discover something they didn’t expect. Every story their grandfather had ever told them was true. With no warning, they find themselves set upon a path to unravel the mysteries of their own family and caught up in a desperate struggle that will not only decide their fate, but the fate of all the worlds.  




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